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Get Big Savings On Clearance Backing...Shop Now!
Get Big Savings On Clearance Backing...Shop Now!

SA440 (EF76): 7" x 12" Extra Large Embroidery Machine Hoop

Original price $33.85 - Original price $33.85
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$33.85 - $33.85
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Fits the following embroidery machines:
  • Brother Embroidery Machines:
    • Duetta 4500D 4700D Duetta 2 4750D
    • Quattro 6000D/6700D
    • DreamCreator XE VM5100
    • Dream Maker XE VE2200
    • Dream Machine‚ XV8500D/XV8550D
    • Dream Weaver XE VM6200D/BP2100
    • Innovis 4000D 5000 5000D XV8500D
    • Innovis‚  I / Ie / V3 / V5 / V7
    • Luminaire Innov-ƒ­s XP1‚ XP2
    • Brother Stellaire Innov-ƒ­s XE1 Embroidery-Only Machine
  • Baby Lock Embroidery Machines:
    • Destiny (BLDY)
    • Ellegante BLG BLG2 BLG3
    • Ellisimo BLSO
    • Ellisimo Gold BLSOG BLSOG2 BLSOG-NZ

Extra Large Hoop without the need to reposition your fabric. The convenient repositioning feature allows you to move the hooped fabric to an additional overlapping section. Imagine combining several smaller designs to create a larger design with no need to rehoop. This hoop increases the area that you may embroider in one hooping to 7" x 12" Embroidering Area: 7" x 12" (180X300mm) One template grid is included.