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SA418 (EF33): 4" x 7" Large Embroidery Machine Super Hoop

Fits the following embroidery machines:
Brother Embroidery Machines:
PE100, PE150, PE150V, PE170D, PE180D, PE200

Baby Lock Embroidery Machines:
Accent, Espree, Espree 2, BL60E

Simplicity Embroidery Machines:
SE1. SE2. SE3

Bernina Embroidery Machine:
Deco 500, Deco, 600, Deco 650

White Embroidery Machines:

Large Three Stage Hoop (Super Hoop) save time and work! Create extra large designs without the need to re-position your fabric. The convenient re-positioning feature allows you to move the hooped fabric to an additional overlapping section. Imagine combining several small designs to create a larger design with no need to re-hoop. This hoop increases the area that you may embroider in one hooping from 100 mm X 100 mm to 100 x 160 mm Make it even easier with our PE Design Embroidery Software! Many versions of PE design allow you to combine designs on your PC. Your compound design is automatically saved in separate files retaining your positioning. Transfer your design to a card and you are embroidering large designs in minutes. Embroidering Area: 4.25" x 7.1" (110 x 180 mm) One template grid is included.