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View The July Thread Assortment Sale

SA448 (SEF-150): 6" x 6" Embroidery Machine Hoop

Original price $39.95 - Original price $39.95
Original price
$39.95 - $39.95
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Fits the following embroidery machines:

  • Brother Embroidery Machines:
    • Duetta 4500D, 4700D, 4750D
    • QuattroTM 6000D, 6700D, 6750D
    • Dream Maker VE2200, VE2300, VM6200D
    • Dream Creator VM5100
    • Dream Weaver XE VM6200D
    • Essence VM5200, V5LE
    • Stellaire XE1, XJ1
    • The Dream Machine XV, XV8500D, XV8550D
    • Luminaire XP1, XP2
    • Innov-is NV800E, NV870SE, NV2600, NV2650D
    • Innov-is NQ1400E, NQ1600E, NQ3500D, NQ3600D
    • Inno-is BP2150L, BP1400E
    • Innov-is 2500D, 2800, 2800D, 4000D, 5000, 5000D
    • Innov-is I, Ie, V3, V5,  V7
  • Baby Lock Embroidery Machines:
    • Solaris BLSA, Destiny DBLY, Destiny II DBLY2, Flourish BLMFO, Flourish II BLMFO2
    • Spirit BLPY, Unity BLTY, Pathfinder BLPF, Areial BLAE, Altair BLTA, Aventura BLMAV, Aventura II  BLMAV2, Journey BLJY. 
    • Ellegante BLG, BLG2, Ellageo Plus, BLL, BLL2
    • Ellisimo BLSO, BLSOG, BLSOG-NZ, Esante BLN

    Embroidering Area: 6" x 6" (150x150mm).

    This 6"x6" Square Embroidery Frame is an ideal size for embroidering on clothing, quilt squares, and for embroidering the decorative lettering built-into select machines. The large lettering built into these models will fit perfectly within this hoop, when embroidered singly, without the built-in decorative frames. The smaller decorative lettering built into these models fits perfectly within this hoop, with room to include the built-in decorative frames around your lettering.