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SA442 (EF82): 1" x 2.5" Small Embroidery Machine Hoop

Fits the following embroidery machines:
  • Brother Embroidery Machines:
    • Designio DZ820E 
    • Innovis 700Ell 750E 1000 1150E
    • Innovis 1200 1250 1250D 2750D 3500D
    • PE700 PE700II PE750 PE770 PE800
    • PE750D PE770 PE780D
    • PC6500 PC8200 PC8500 PC8500D
    • SE1800 SE1900
    • Designio DZ820E
  • Baby Lock Embroidery Machines:
    • Emore
    • Ellure (ESL), New Ellure (BLR),  New Ellure Plus (BLR2) / (BLR3)
    • Essante 1 (ESE) / 2 (ESE2)
    • Accord (BLMCC)
  • Simplicity
    • SB7900E

The SA442 1"x2.5" Small Embroidery Hoop is perfect for monogramming collars and cuffs. This versatile SA442 1"x2.5" Small Embroidery Hoop has a clear grid, notched for accurate placement of embroidery designs and markings on the hoop for easy reference. Embroidering Area: 1" x 2.5 " (20x60mm) Two template grids are included.