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SheerStitch FUSIBLE PolyMesh Plus No-show Cut Away Embroidery Backing - White


SheerStitch™ 1.5 oz Iron On Fusible No Show Cut Away Backing (Polymesh Plus) 

This is a 100% Nylon CutAway Embroidery Iron On Stabilizer. It's Strong and Lightweight.  Soft, sheer, stable & translucent so that it minimizes stabilizer show-through on light colored fabrics. Just a single layer for best "no show" results Ideal for lightweight knits - keeps outlines on track when hooped in with your knit fabric Use with any woven where softness is a consideration. Perfect for sheer fabrics - translucent & soft. May be used with a light weight tear away backing, like the RipStitch #15 for extra stability Fusible coating for extra stability. This product is also sometimes called: weblon or poly mesh plus.

To Use: Iron the stabilizer to the back of your garment with a dry iron (no steam) using a low to medium temp (260°F, silk setting) When pressing the stabilizer on to the garment, the iron surface should touch the fabric, not the stabilizer.