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Embroidery, Sewing, Quilting & Serger Needles

AllStitch Embroidery Supplies is proud to offer a wide selection of machine embroidery needles for both home and commercial embroidery machines.  When it comes to creating excellent machine embroidery, using the right needles will make a world of difference in the quality and precision of your finished work.  Machine embroidery needles are specifically designed to meet the demands of high-speed embroidery machines, ensuring smooth, accurate and flawless stitching every time.

Our needles are categorized as either Home Machine Needles, which have one flat side along the shank (the part that fits up into the machine) or Commercial/ Industrial Machine Needles, which has a shank that is round all the way around.  Needles in each category available in various sizes and point types to accommodate different fabrics, thread weight, and embroidery techniques.

Flat-Sided Shank Needles for home embroidery machines

Round Shank Needles for commercial / industrial embroidery machines

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