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Fil-Tec Luminary Glow in the Dark Thread

Fil-Tec's Luminary glow in the dark embroidery thread adds fun and personality to apparel! Five glow in the dark shades of embroidery thread allow you to increase the creative possibilities.  Make your embroidery glow with Luminary glow in the dark embroidery thread.  Available in white, yellow, green, pink, and blue.
  • Glows brightly in the dark after minimal exposure to light.
  • Beautiful pastel shades in the light, powerful glow when exposed to dark.
  • The glow charge can last as long as 8 hours.
  • Applications – safety use, costumes, fashion apparel, cross stitching, Halloween costumes.
Washing Instructions:
  • Ironing Temperature – Maximum Temperature should be no higher than 176 degrees F.
  • Steam Ironing – This can also affect the ability to glow. Dry ironing is strongly recommended.
  • Bleaching – Do not use bleach when washing garments sewn with Luminary.
  • Water Temperature for washing should be no hotter than 104 degrees F.
  • Recommended Needle - A long, thin needle with a small needle eye should achieve top results. #14 for Long-Arm or 70/10 for Domestic Machines.
  • Lubricating your thread with a non-staining silicone spray or sewers aid
  • Loose bobbin tension is recommended even when using Magna-Glide, The Bobbin Line, or Allure Silk.
  • Luminary is constructed from filament polyester, and has a rather low-melt point of about 400 degrees F. It should not be exposed to the direct heat of an iron