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Get Big Savings On Clearance Backing...Shop Now!

15x1 PD Organ Flat Shank Home Embroidery Needles - 100/Box - Titanium Sharp

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SKU 15X1PD-10/70
Size: 70/10

Organ Flat Shank Home Embroidery Needle‚ For Single Needle Home Machines
HAx1 130/705H 15x1‚ PD - Titanium Sharp Regular Point
100 Needles/Box (10 Packages of 10 Needles)

15x1PD (Perfect Durability):‚  HAx1, 705H‚  ‚ This is the standard needle with a flat shank and a regular size eye for most home sewing machines and home sewer based embroidery and quilting machines. PD embroidery needles have a titanium-nitride ceramic finish which makes them more wear-resistant than any other needles. When embroidering large stitch patterns or penetrating very abrasive, dense or tough materials the needle points and surface will maintain its original shape and dimensions 3 to 5 times longer. PD embroidery needle points will not wear down as fast as chromium plated needle points. The use of PD embroidery machine needles gives you longer needle life, fewer defects due to "dulled" needle points, and increased productivity.
Sharp Point:‚ Sharp point embroidery needles, also referred to as ‚“regular‚¬ needles,‚ have sharp pointed tips to‚ help the needle penetrate tightly woven embroidery fabrics, as well as felt. They are also sometimes referred to as crewel needles as they are used for crewel embroidery.‚ Sharp needles‚ shouldn't be used on knits as they‚ can cut the yarn that creates the interlocking structure of the knit‚ causing it‚ to gradually unravel during laundering.‚  ‚ ‚