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Get Big Savings On Clearance Backing...Shop Now!

Madeira Magic Disappearing Marking Pen - Dual Tip Purple

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Madeira Magic Disappearing Marking Pen is a dual point disappearing purple ink marking pen. Mark on fabric and other surfaces, ink starts to disappear in‚ 48 to 72 hours. Marks can be removed with plain water if desired. Useful for temporary marking, drawing designs, embroidering, and memo writing. Disappears spontaneously, and/or easily with water, any marks on cloth, wool, plastics, wood, or paper.‚ Marks start to vanish after two days depending on fabric, or just tap on marks with a moist cloth and they will disappear. Do not iron or wash with soap before removing all lines. Test pen before use.


  • Madeira Magic Pen
  • Temporary marking pen
  • Color: Purple
  • Fine tip
  • Thick tip
  • 5.75‚¬ long

How to use:
Determine which tip works best for your application. Lightly touch the tip of the marker to the fabric. Use the fine tip for making fine lines and dots. Use the thicker tip for enhanced visibility. Can be removed immediately by dabbing with a cloth dampened in water. Use both hands to remove cap. Do not open cap with your mouth. Always test on a separate piece of material first.