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15x1 ST Organ Flat Shank Home Embroidery Large Eye Needles - 100/Box Sharp Point

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SKU 15X1ST-11/75
Size: 75/11

Flat Shank Organ Embroidery Needles For Single Needle Home Machines
15x1ST Large Eye Sharp Point 100 Needles - (10 Packages of 10 Needles)

Janome Needle Conversion
In Size 75/11 This Is The Same Needle As Janome Blue Tip
In Size 90/14 This Is The Same Needle As Janome Red Tip

15x1 ST HAx1 ST  705H-E: This is a special version of the 15x1 for embroidery and decorative stitching. It is made to higher standards for longer life. It has an oversize eye to reduce stress and tension on the thread. It also accommodates metallic threads for heavier top stitching thread and makes needle threading easier.
Sharp Point: Sharp point embroidery needles, also referred to as “regular” needles,have sharp pointed tips to help the needle penetrate tightly woven embroidery fabrics, as well as felt. They are also sometimes referred to as crewel needles as they are used for crewel embroidery. Sharp needles shouldn't be used on knits as they can cut the yarn that creates the interlocking structure of the knit causing it to gradually unravel during laundering.