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Madeira Machine Embroidery Thread Color Card Charts

Madeira’s machine embroidery thread color cards make it easy to select the right color and thread type for your next embroidery job!  Cards contain thread charts with actual thread swatches.

Polyneon Polyester: Madeira's 100% polyester embroidery thread is constructed of a specially developed raw material which eliminates looping, puckering and virtually all thread breaks. Suitable for almost any embroidered application, Polyneon's unique formula makes this thread extremely durable and smooth running. Vibrant colors are glossy, shiny, as well as resistant to chlorine bleach, making Polyneon the ideal thread for embroidering on uniforms, safety garments and commercial linens.

Classic Rayon: Madeira's Classic Rayon embroidery thread is known worldwide for its high tensile strength and excellent glossy luster. Made from 100% viscose rayon, is perfectly suited for embroidery on high-speed commercial embroidery machines. Classic Rayon thread maintains its soft "hand" even when the stitch count is high.

Supertist Metallic: This is a twisted metallic thread that brings designs to life with sparkle. The triple applied twisting process of this thread gives designs dimension and a unique textured effect. The strong nylon core and genuine metallic base enhance both its sewability and festive, shimmering appearance on many applications. The Opal and Crystal colors are denim-wash resistant. It is ideal for bringing embroidery to life with flashes of sparkle, festoon work, ornamental seams  many other special decorative applications. It is designed to run on commercial embroidery machines. It is Oeko-Tex® certified to be free from harmful substances.

CR Polyester Metallic: Madeira Polyester CR Metallic is composed of 68% polyester and 32% metallised polyester, delivering a soft touch embroidery thread with a high tech color coating. Optimized for ease of use with standard embroidery needles, it's perfect for trouble free high speed stitching. Madeira’s CR Metallic benefits from premium quality and sustainability standards, complies with OEKO-TEX® 100 and is even suitable for industrial laundering.

Fire Fighter: This is a fire-resistant embroidery thread that was developed for fire and safety, for use in the areas of aeronautics, utility services, motorsports and other fields where safety standards are required. Fire Fighter flame resistant embroidery thread is made from 100% Aramid which contains Nomex® branded fibers from Dupont®. It is Oeko-Tex® certified to be free from harmful substances.