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Mini Seam Ripper - 2½" Plastic with Ball


2-1/2" (2.5") Mini Seam Ripper has a Plastic Body with Clear Plastic Cap that is used to Extend Handle with extends the seam ripper to 4". Cutlery Steel Blade with Long Lasting Sharpness. Seam Ripper is a small size seam ripper with fine blade. It comes with a clear plastic cap, safety ball to protect fabric and is made from hardened steel to last a lifetime. This tool is indispensable for removing unwanted stitches. Colors May Vary

  • Use this handy tool to rip seams quickly, cut buttonholes open, and remove stitches neatly
  • Feature safety ball to protect fabric from accidental cuts
  • The hardened steel, fine blades will retain sharpness
  • Clear plastic cap functions as handle and as a protector when storing
Alt Part # CW14. 00110