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Clear-Quilt Cotton Bobbins - Style L - White - Box of 100

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SKU CQLW-13146

Clear-Quilt Egyptian Long-Staple Cotton Bobbins
1 box of 100 Plastic Sided Bobbins - 75 yds/bobbins
Style L - Color: White

Clear Quilt Cotton Bobbins   Egyptian Long-Staple Cotton - 50/2: These 100% mercerized cotton pre-wound bobbins are perfect for domestic machines. Clear-Quilt bobbins are wound on a plastic-sided bobbin spools. Their Eygptian long-staple fibers ensure strength and washability. They are responsive to machine thread sensors so you don’t have to worry about your yardage. Clear Quilt offers more stitches and yards per bobbin than both competitive and machine-wound bobbins.   Available in Style L and Style A (Class 15)