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FilTec Magna Glide Embroidery Bobbins - Style M "Jumbo" Black

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SKU P15MB-12556

Fil-Tec Magna-Glide Magnetic Core Embroidery Bobbins
Part No: 12556 - P15M‚ Style M "Jumbo" - Black
100‚ Bobbins/Box -‚ 210 yds/Bobbin
Click Here For Magna-Glide‚ Magnetic Core Bobbin‚ Set-up Checklist

Style M bobbins work only in machines designed for M bobbins.

The P-15 Magna-Glide magnetic core machine prewound embroidery bobbin is wound with the industry standard twisted polyester thread, similar to the Coats V-15 embroidery bobbins. The Magna-Glide embroidery bobbin is an extremely smooth sewing bobbin with constant tension delivery and no backlash or overspin. Magna-Glide embroidery bobbins work best in embroidery machines with metal bobbin cases

The Magnaglide magnetic core sideless prewound embroidery‚ bobbin contains polyester thread that runs with a consistent sewing tension throughout the entire bobbin allowing you to sew out all the bobbin thread. Magna Glide bobbins will improve your machine embroidery, increase your efficiency, and save you time and money.

  • Uniform Tension Control - Our patented magnetic core creates consistent delivery throughout the entire bobbin. No more interruptions for tension adjustments as your bobbin gets smaller. Magnetic core prevents backlash or over spin and eliminates the need for check springs.
  • Fewer Bobbin Changes - Our magnetic core bobbin offers significantly more yards per bobbin changes results in fewer defects and more production.
  • Clean Running - Advanced EB cross-link technology reduces lint and residual build-up in the bobbin case and tension spring. The result is a more trouble-free bobbin.
  • High Quality Yarn - Fil-Tec uses only the finest quality high tenacity polyester yarns to make it patented magnetic core embroidery bobbin