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AllStitch Embroidery Backing Swatch Book - Stabilizer Sample Cards

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AllStitch Embroidery Stabilizer Swatch Book contains swatches of our most popular embroidery stabilizer backings. These are sample swatch pieces and are not large enough to embroider with. Contains Stabilizer Swatch Cards for:

  • Cut Away Stabilizers
    • AllStitch Cut Away Backings
    • C-Series Cut Away Backings
    • SheerStitch No-Show Mesh Cut Away Backings
    • ProStitch Performance Stabilizers
  • Tear Away Stabilizers
    • RipStitch Tear Away Backings
    • RipStitch Soft Tear Away Backings
    • CapStitch Tear Away Hat Backing
    • StickyStitch Peel & Stick Tear Away Backing