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RipStitch TW 1.5 Tear/Wash Away Backing Pre-Cut Sheets

SKU TW15W6-125

RipStitch™ Soft TW 1.5 oz Tear/Wash Away Embroidery Backing

RipStitch Soft TW 1.5 Tear-Wash Away Embroidery Stabilizer is a soft tear away backing with a unique wash away characteristic. Upon washing, the exposed remaining backing will break apart and wash away leaving the embroidery soft and free of stabilizer, yet the stitches remain firmly locked. This is the perfect stabilizer to use when you want a clean finish on the back without any backing showing. This embroidery backing is available in two weights: 1.5 oz and 2.0 oz.

If you can stock only one type of tearaway, choose a washaway! This unique embroidery backing series offers excellent stability and tears well in all directions. Even difficult designs and fabrics are left unharmed. Our specially formulated dissolvable, easy-tear backing often replaces two layers of tearaway, providing thread loop stability and superior stitch performance on high stitch-count designs. It is also a good problem-solver for difficult applications including socks and bathing suits.