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StickyStitch Self-Adhesive Peel & Stick Backing Pre Cut Sheets - White


StickyStitch™ 1.5 oz Peel & Stick Tear-Away Embroidery Backing - White

StickyStitch Peel & Stick Sticky Back Embroidery Stabilizers are tearaway backings with a self-adhesive pressure sensitive coating and a release wax paper. Peel & Stick stabilizer has three general uses: Hard-to-hoop applications such as shirt collars, cuffs, etc; the stabilization of high stretch fabrics such as bicycle shorts, promotional sweatshirts, etc; and the elimination of hoop marks that can occur with certain problem materials, such as brushed denim and suede. A good Peel and Stick sticky embroidery backing  should not have a gummy adhesive. The product is generally used by hooping the backing with the release paper facing upward. An X pattern is lightly cut in the hooped center such that the release paper is sliced through but not the backing. Enough of the release paper is peeled back so the portion of the garment to be embroidered can be stuck to the backing. Every custom shop should have a small roll of self adhesive peel and stick tear away embroidery backing.

Perfect for use with Fast Frames or Durkee EZ-Frames