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Towa Digital Bobbin Case Tension Gauge - Body Only

by Towa

Towa Digital Bobbin Case Tension Gauge
To Use You Must Purchase the Body And At Least 1 Insert

Compact design with easy-to-read LED display Provides 12-times the measuring range of analog Towa units Interchangeable inserts allow body to be used for Standard (L-Type) and Large (M-Type) bobbin cases (Sold Separately) Measures tension of both bobbin case thread and upper thread with one compact unit from 1mN to 5000mN Battery operated (3 AAA batteries, not included)

To use this gauge:
You must purchase an adapter that matches your bobbin case size:
TM-501 for L Bobbin Cases
TM-502 for M-Bobbin Cases
The tension gauge will NOT work without one of those adapters.

Guideline Setting Numbers for Top Thread Tensions:
Classic Rayon - 150 gf
Polyneon - 170 gf
Frosted Matt - 170 gf
Metallic - 180 gf

Guideline Setting Numbers for Bobbin Case Tensions:
Everyday Embroidery - between 22 gf to 24 gf
Cap Embroidery - 25 gf

The numbers above are intended to be used as a guideline and may need to be adjusted up or down depending upon your specific machine. Be sure to set your gauge to the gf (gram force) setting by using the toggle button in the upper right corner of your gauge.