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Mighty Bright - LED Lighted Tweezers & Magnifier

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Might Bright Model 88112 tweezers, led light, and magnifying glass combination provides bright white light directly where you need it. The 4x magnifier along with the 5.5" pointed metal tweezers and light are perfect for handling very small difficult to see items.

Add the Tweezers with LED & Magnifier to your arsenal of sewing and embroidery tools; it is bound to be your go-to for lighting and magnifying small, hard-to-handle items. Why hold tweezers in one hand and magnifier (awkwardly) in the other? This model integrates both elements into one compact unit with a powerful LED to boot. An etched metal tweezer with perfectly aligned pinchers, unfolds from the main handle and lets you get a handle on beads, stamps, model parts, and other tiny pieces. Of course, its real appeal is the powerhouse magnifier, a 1.25" lens that quadruples your viewing size, and its focused LED beam that heightens contrast. Its ergonomically shaped handle offers a comfortable grip, and is composed of durable, lightweight plastic. Three micro cell batteries keep the weight at a minimum to help you keep your strength up during long, complex projects.