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AlbaChem DTG Pretreatment Aerosol Spray

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SKU AC1670
Ink Type: Alba-PRE for Epson Printers and Inks

Alba-Pre Designed for Epson® and like machines and ink.
Alba-BRO Designed for Brother® and like machines and ink.

AlbaChem DTG Pretreatment Sprays are a direct to garment pretreat solution in aerosol form. The unique nozzle applies a smooth even coat with minimal over-spray. For lighter garments, only one light coat is needed. AlbaChem DTG pretreatment sprays work as a sole pretreatment or as a compliment to Direct-to-Garment pre-treatment machines. Designed for short runs, hats and small print areas (i.e. left pocket print) where Alba-Pre and Bro are preferred over DTG pretreatment machines.

These universal Direct-to-Garment pretreatment sprays are for all colors of cotton materials with the greatest benefit on dark (black) materials. They are specifically designed to minimize staining and blocking and will increase color brilliance and provide a soft feel to the image. Washer/Dryer safe


  • Smooth Even Coverage
  • Non-Staining
  • Soft Feel
  • Great for small print areas: sleeves, left chest, neck tag etc

Directions for Use: Shake well. Holding can approximately 6" from fabric, spray Alba-BRO or PRE in a slow steady motion horizontally covering print area. On dark colors repeat in a vertical pattern. Cure on heat press @ 330-360°F for 30 seconds. Do not clamp down too tight.

Tip: To prevent crystallization, try hovering the heat press over the fabric for 20 seconds before pressing.