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Coats V15 Embroidery Bobbins Size L 144 Bobbins - BLACK


Coats Trusew Poly MT V15 Cardboard Sided Embroidery Bobbins
91961 Style L - Black - 144 bobbins - 132 yds/bobbins - TEX 16

Coats V15 TruSew prewound embroidery bobbins are the industry standard embroidery machine bobbin with V-15 continuous filament polyester thread. It is ideal for the finest quality high speed embroidery jobs and for stitching large areas faultlessly. 

Coats American is renowned by embroiderers as the maker of the finest prewound embroidery bobbins in the world. Years of research and a special manufacturing process ensure that Coats and Clark embroidery bobbins perform consistently - time after time.