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EB Embroider Buddies: Buster Bulldog Buddy

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16" EB Embroidery Buddie - Bulldog Buddy 41090
Embroider directly on front and back of Bulldog EB

"EB" The Embroider Buddies‚  is excited to introduce Buster Bulldog 16" What can we say about Buster Bulldog but CUTE! His floppy ears, great brows and jowls make him a Dog Buddy no one will resist. Buster flat pile white belly will make this Buddy easy than ever to embroider. Self-contained stuffing pods for the head and belly are removable through a hidden zipper on the bottom of the bulldog making hooping and embroidery easy on any embroidery machine. Embroidery-friendly, low-pile plush fabric.

Exceeds all applicable U.S., Canadian, and European safety standards.