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Essence Monofilament Nylon Top Thread - 1,500 yds - Smoke: Dark Grey

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Essence Top Thread - Monofilament Nylon - .004 (Nylon) 1,500 yd Mini Cones Color: Smoke: Dark Grey

Top Thread - Monofilament Nylon - .004 (Nylon)  Essence, once you sew it in, it vanishes away into your fabric. It great for blending into your valued fabrics and offers a “hand look" by machine when doing assorted quilting or appliques. Use on top or in bobbin for decorative sewing methods in which you don't want the thread showing. Also works great for machine beadwork, as well as both machine and freehand embroidery. Features and Benefits Simply ideal for "invisible" quilting or applique. Can be used for hand or machine sewing. Soft, strong, fine, and smooth. The best option for "stitch-in-the-ditch" and for outlining applique shapes. Disappears when quilted or sewn into light-colored fabrics. For overall best sewing results, use a cotton (Clear-Quilt ready-wound bobbins) in conjunction with Essence nylon monofilament top thread. Less shiny, wiry, and lower (stretch) elongation than polyester monofilament.


  • Avoid the highest heat setting and quilts containing nylon monofilament thread will emerge from the wash/dry cycle intact. There should be no popped or melted stitches.
  • We suggest taking quilted swatches of each thread and see how applied heat affects each thread product.
  • Should not use direct contact from an iron when using nylon or even polyester monofilament.
  • Thread nets are suggested for creating drag and tension, and for reducing the chances of the thread dropping down to the base of the spool while getting "hung-up" or "snagged."

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