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KK2000 Temporary Embroidery Adhesive Spray - 14.4 oz.

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The large can of KK2000 temporary adhesive spray has been discontinued by the manufacturer.   We recommend the 505 Temporary Adhesive Spray as a comparable replacement

KK2000 is a temporary spray adhesive that is non-flammable, non-toxic, and does not contain any CFC's or HCFC's. KK 2000 dries within 24-36 hours. It has many uses, including the following: Used on stretchy knits to significantly reduce the fabric movement of sweaters and knit shirts while embroidering. Just spray the backing with KK2000 and hoop together with the fabric. KK2000 can also be used with applique. Just spray the die cut and place (even reposition if necessary) onto the fabric for embroidery. Used on slippery material to help eliminate puckering. Spray the backing and hoop together with fabric. Holds unfinished garments in place. Spray fabric and stick to hooped backing. Especially great for pockets and patches. Good for screen printers also! Provides a tacky surface without stains and leaves no residue. KK2000 eliminates hoop marks. Try it on collars and cuffs. Spray fabric and stick to hooped backing.