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DBx7BP ST Organ Commercial Embroidery Large Eye Metallic Needles - 100/Box - Ball Point


Round Shank Commercial Needles -100 Needles/Box
DBx7ST  BP - Large Eye Metallic Ball Point

DBx7ST: The eye of the DBx7ST is designed particularly for metallic type embroidery threads. The eye of this needle is shaped like a rectangle. The special eye design facilitates the passage of metallic threads through the needle’s eye.   
Ball Point: Ballpoint machine embroidery needles are designed to alleviate making holes in knit or loosely woven materials. The cross fibers which constitute the knit or loosely woven materials are relatively far apart as compared to those in tightly woven materials. When an embroidery needle with a standard "set" or "sharp" point encounters one of those fibers in penetrating the fabric, it cuts right through the fiber. This creates a hole in the fabric. The ball point needle pushes aside the fiber it encounters in penetration and thereby avoids making a damaging hole in the fabric. (It is also recommended to use the thinnest possible needle for a particular fabric)