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Plus Station Board for Durkee Project Station


Plus Station Board for Durkee Project Station
The Plus Station Board was designed to economically address specific hooping needs. The Hooping Pro Project Station serves as the base unit for the Plus Station Board which slides directly onto the Hooping Pro Project Station in seconds

Hooping Pro - “Plus” Board: Durkee recognized that many embroiderers do not have a need for hooping full fronts or backs. Since the most common embroidery occurs on either left or right chest, Durkee created a hooping board specifically for that purpose. The “Plus” Board is the exact same width as the “Full Station” but is only 14” tall. Adult garments requiring left and/or right embroidery can be hooped on this board with sizes up to 2 XX with an 18cm hoop. Includes: Two (2) additional stabilizer legs to mount to your Hooping Pro -Project Station to provide additional stability.
Two (2) spring –loaded centering pins for locating the center of your design on the board.