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RipStitch S-18 Soft Tear Away Backing Pre-Cut Sheets - White

SKU S18W6-125

RipStitch™ S-18 Soft 1.8 oz Tear Away Embroidery Backing

RipStitch™ S-18 Soft Tear Away Machine Embroidery Stabilizer is a tearaway embroidery backing with the softness of a cut away. This is the perfect backing for use in children's clothing or any other application that calls for a soft backing. Any backing that is left after you tear it out will not irritate the skin. This embroidery backing is a 1.8 oz soft-hand perforation-resistant tearaway machine embroidery stabilizer.

A tear away embroidery backing is the of choice for most embroiderers using stable fabrics. Tearaway stabilizers enable removing extra backing faster, cheaper, and safer than using backing that must be cut away with scissors. AllStitch's wet laid nonwoven tearaway embroidery backings use natural and synthetic fibers that are short enough to be easily torn, but long enough to be trapped under each embroidered stitch. Remember, to avoid any chance of distortion, we recommend tearing the backing as close to the stitches as possible.