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Sprayway 823 Iron/Fusing Machine Cleaner Spray - 14 oz.

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Sprayway 823 Fusing Machine & Iron Cleaner was designed and produced for the sewing trades. Effectively removes residue from the operating surfaces of embroidery machines, irons, belts, and presses. Preserves surfaces and reduces further sticking of adhesives to Teflon coated surfaces. Non-flammable under fusing conditions. (Flash point: 240°C/465°F; ignition point: above 240°C/465°F) Contains highly-viscous silicone.

For more than 50 years Sprayway has been providing industry with the highest quality aerosol products available. Their team emphasis on continuous improvement along with cutting-edge technology ensures that our customers will receive the most consistent high quality product and packaging available. Sprayway's expertise with aerosol products is indicative of their total commitment to this convenient, ready-to-use package.