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5 Gift Ideas to Give The Embroiderer In Your Life

5 Gift Ideas to Give The Embroiderer In Your Life

Do you need a gift for an avid embroiderer this holiday season? AllStitch has got you covered! Whether it’s that friend who has a side gig making embroidery projects, a relative starting out in embroidery, or maybe you’re even contemplating a treat for yourself (because let’s admit it...that’s a  gift you're guaranteed to love), we’re certain we can suggest the perfect gift at just the right price. 


1. Stuffies - Embroiderable Stuffed Animals

    This is an excellent gift for anyone who sews for kids or young children. These stuffies unzip, and the pod is removed in only two pieces: the head and the body. That makes them easy to customize with embroidered names or images that will brighten a child’s face.

    We have a variety of stuffies to choose from, like animals, holidays, or sports, as well as specialty sensory-friendly stuffies for special needs. You can also purchase clothing to accessorize your stuffie to make them one of a kind. 


    2. The Incredible Threadable

      The Madeira Incredible Threadable is a great gift option for the embroiderer who does multiple embroidery projects. This assortment box has an array of strong and reliable Polyneon colors for any embroidery, including workwear, swimwear, and denim.

      What makes The Incredible Threadable box unique are the slots on the top of the box, allowing the thread to be run directly from the box to the machine. The box keeps all the threads separated into their own individual chambers, keeping them clean and free from tangling, and all in one handy container. 


      3.  The Thread Treasure Chest 

        The Thread Treasure Chest is the “wow-factor” gift for the experienced embroiderer who loves to keep organized. You can’t go wrong with this sleek, gorgeous chest. The stunning wood-finish 3-drawer Treasure Chest comes with 180 vibrant 440-yard Polyneon spools and includes bonus bobbin threads, needles, and a Polyneon color card.

        If you’re looking for a more modest gift that packs the same elegant punch, you can opt for the Mini 2-Drawer Treasure Chest. The Mini version is a compact, teakwood unit filled with 48 440-yard Polyneon spools and comes with a Polyneon color card.

        Both Treasure Chests have easy-glide drawers and are fitted with molded plastic insert trays to hold the spools securely.  Each tray has a printed liner underneath with images of each thread color and number to keep the spools organized. 


        4. Organ Needle Assortment Kit for Home Machines

        This Flat Shank Embroidery Needle Assortment Kit is perfect for the home embroiderer who is just starting and wants to try different kinds of embroidery and various needle types.  It’s also a handy gift for the embroiderer who works on an array of projects and frequently requires different types of needles.

        This box is great to have on hand since it ensures your embroiderer will have a needle for any fabric. If your aim is to give your embroiderer a useful, practical gift that they’ll be glad they have on hand, this is the one.


        5. An Essential Supplies Assortment You Need As a Beginner Embroiderer

          Do you like to curate your own custom gift box or stocking? An assortment of essential items will make a generous and thoughtful holiday gift for your special embroiderer.

          Beginning embroiderers require a few essentials to get started. Basic threads like Classic Rayon or Polyneon, bobbins, embroidery needles, cut-away and tear-away stabilizers, hoops, embroidery blanks and fabrics, spray adhesives, machine oil, and of course, scissors and snips…are all necessary tools for the budding embroidery enthusiast.

          For help putting specific items together, check out our newest guide for beginner embroiderers that will assist you in assembling an array of items they’ll appreciate every time they’re in the embroidery room.   

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