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AllStitch Will Be Closed On July 3rd in Observance of Independence Day

AllStitch Will Be Closed On July 3rd in Observance of Independence Day

Fuse-n-Bond™ Applique & Patch Backing - Heat n Seal Film


Available In: 8"x12" Sheets  &  12", 24" & 50" Wide Rolls

Fuse-n-Bond™ is a permanent double sided iron on fusible sealing film with a wax paper backing. This press and bond film is excellent for attaching applique, lettering, embroideries, patches, and emblems onto fabric without sewing. Once applied, Fuse-n-Bond™ heat seal film is machine washable and dry cleanable. It creates a permanent bond between fabric surfaces without sewing, including edges, borders and seams and can be applied with a household iron or heat press.
To Use: Place your applique or patch over the film and trace around it. Cut out the Fuse-n-Bond™ film and iron the non-wax paper side to the bottom of your patch or applique using an iron temperature of 260F. Once cooled, remove the release paper from the other side of the film. Now you have a patch or applique that is ready to be ironed onto a garment. Unlike other products, this is strong and permanent. Eliminates the need for water-activated adhesive stabilizers, spray adhesives, or stitching.
  • Wax paper backing for easy mess free fusing to applique and patches
  • Permanent & Strong
  • No Stitching Needed
  • Fusible on both sides making this product stronger than competing peel and stick products
Also Known As: BSN Heat-Seal Film, Fusible Heat Seal Backing