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How To Easily Embroider on Toilet Paper

How To Easily Embroider on Toilet Paper

 Toilet Paper Embroidery
Why would anybody be embroidering on toilet paper? Though it may seem odd, embroidered toilet paper can make a great item for a gift basket, or a guest bathroom. Embroidery on toilet paper can also be used as a holiday decoration, a fun gag gift, or as a promotional item. Following these few simple steps, you can easily embroider your own roll of toilet paper and be sure to watch our instructional video below.

  1.  Gather your Supplies
    • Choose the thickest toilet paper you can buy, it will make embroidery easier and will hold the stitches better. Go with at least a 2-ply or thicker.
    • Cut Away Stabilizer, SheerStitch works great.
    • Embroidery Design: Stay away from dense fills, vintage style stitches or sparse fills are best for stitching on toilet paper. Very dense designs may tear the toilet paper.
    • 4" x 4" hoop - using the smallest hoop possible will provide the most stabilization.
  2. Roll out your toilet paper and take about 3 squares and fold it over. Roll out some more and take another 3 squares and fold it over again so you have 4 layers of toilet paper.

  3. Hoop both your toilet paper and embroidery backing. For some extra stabilization, you can use a light misting of one of these adhesive sprays.

  4. Attach your hoop to your machine and slow down your machine speed before starting.  Load your design, and you are ready to embroider.

  5. When finished, trim off your cut away backing, re-roll your toilet paper and you are finished! For a nice finishing touch, you can put your completed embroidered toilet paper in a bag and seal with some ribbon.
Photos & Video Provided by our friends at Robin's Nest Embroidery
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