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Get Big Savings On Clearance Backing...Shop Now!
Get Big Savings On Clearance Backing...Shop Now!

Backing & Stabilizers

AllStitch® Embroidery Supplies sells a wide range of wholesale discount embroidery backings for Cut Away, Tear Away, and Fuse-n-Bond! Our backings otherwise known as stabilizers, are really important if you want to create really great machine embroidery designs. It's like the base that helps everything turn out top-notch.

Use cut away backing for unstable fabrics such as knits and lightly woven garments.

Use tear away backing for tightly woven fabrics such as canvas, denim, duck cloth.

Fuse-n-Bond is a double-sided adhesive which is great for applique and permanently bonding emblems to caps, bags, and other garments.

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