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Madeira 9446 | Super Strong | Heavy | Cut Away | Black | Rolls| 2.36 oz.

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Super Strong Heavy Cut Away 2.36 oz. Black Roll 9446

Is a heavy-weight cut away backing providing permanent stability on any embroidery.  Ideal for designs with high or heavy-density stitch counts, and will maintain its stabilizing power through washings and wearing for the life of the garment.

Quick facts:

  • Heavy-weight cut away, 2.36 oz.
  • 11.81" x 5.47 yds. (30cm x 5m)
  • Clam shell container
  • Roll
  • Black

Made for use with:

  • Unstable knits
  • Super stretchy garments


  • Heavy t-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Fleece and sweaters
  • Open-weave fabrics with a complex design
  • High detail embroidery designs, or dense designs

Super Strong provides permanent stability, making it an excellent option for the most intricate embroidery designs.

This stabilizer is ideal for patterns that require a large number of stitches and high stitch density. With Super Strong, you can prevent crinkling and displacement of your work, even when embroidering numerous small details.

Whether you're working on a professional project or a personal one, Super Strong ensures that your embroidery will be of the highest quality and maintain its integrity over time.

This cut-away stabilizer is stored in a lightweight plastic clam shell pack with snap closures and hang tag, keeping the stabilizer clean, easy to store and display.

Note: keep stabilizer enclosed in the clam shell pack. This will protect your embroidery film from dirt, humidity and dry heat.