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Madeira Polyneon 40 Machine Embroidery Thread | 18 x 220 Yards | Medium Clear Acrylic Case | Variegated | Assortment | 8046

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SKU 8046

18 spools of remarkably durable and smooth running Polyneon 40 thread. This clear box includes variegated threads, which feature a pattern of multiple colors throughout the length of the thread.

This makes a superb collection for any crafter, sewer, or embroidery business owner.

Its vibrant colors have a glossy, shiny appearance that can withstand exposure to chlorine bleach, which makes it an ideal choice for embroidering on uniforms, safety garments, and commercial linens.

This set includes 18 spools of Polyneon 40 variegated thread, each with a length of 220 yards

  • Polyneon 40 is a versatile polyester machine embroidery thread that can be used for all types of designs.
  • It is particularly recommended for textiles that are frequently washed, such as sportswear, outdoor clothing, and workwear.
  • The thread has high tensile strength and is resistant to chlorine, ensuring that the colors remain brilliant even after washing.
  • This thread is compatible with all types of sewing and embroidery machines
9845-1603 Savanna 9845-1514 Oyster Shell 9845-1505 Ice Cream
9845-1608 Jungle 9845-1510 Cappuccino 9845-1507 Desert Hill
9845-1609 Horizon 9845-1513 Petunia 9845-1605 Torrid
9845-1602 Amazon 9845-1607 Lagoon 9845-1512 Sunset
9845-1511 Sunrise 9845-1600 Coral Fish 9845-1601 Ocean
9845-1508 Lavender 9845-1509 Forest Creek 9845-1506 Open Fire