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Get Big Savings On Clearance Backing...Shop Now!

Madeira Rayon 40 Machine Embroidery Thread | 18 x 1100 Yards | Medium Soft Case-Smartbox | Assortment | 8043

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$85.57 - $85.57
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SKU 8043

This professional-grade smartbox comes with a set of 18 x 1100 yard spools of Madeira Rayon No. 40, which is a highly sought-after embroidery thread. With its soft, silky appearance and vibrant colors, this thread is ideal for a range of applications, including decorative machine quilting, decorative stitching, and embellishment.

The set includes a printed Colour Card and needles, making it an all-in-one solution for your embroidery needs. Made from high-quality viscose, this all-purpose thread is suitable for all embroidery and sewing machines, and is particularly well-suited for fine stitches and decorative machine quilting. The result is a brilliant, silky shine that will elevate the quality of your work.

1116 Pink 1023 Lemon Yellow 1082 Ecru
1147 Red 1024 Golden Rod 1126 Tan
1181 Bayberry Red 1025 Mine Gold 1145 Mahogany
1075 Periwinkle 1248 Lime Green 1001 White
1134 Dark Sapphire 1051 X-mas Green 1012 Whisper Grey
1242 Dark Navy 1370 Classic Green 1000 Black