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Get Big Savings On Clearance Backing...Shop Now!
Get Big Savings On Clearance Backing...Shop Now!

Mini American Flag Patch - 1-1/2" x 1" w/White Border - Left Side

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The Mini‚ American Flag‚ is an embroidered American flag patch with a heat seal backing that is ready to be sewn or fused with an iron or heat press‚ (375 degrees with maximum pressure for about 25 seconds).‚ Our colorfast threads are designed to withstand the harshest of washing processes.


  1. Wash fabric first. Fabric softener should not be used.
  2. Set iron to cotton setting. Do not use steam, and remove water from iron.
  3. Lay your garment out on a hard, heat tolerant surface. A padded ironing board is not hard enough. Try placing a cutting board above padding.
  4. Place heat seal side of patch onto fabric in desired placement area. Iron design for approximately 30-60 seconds, applying pressure. Do not move iron side to side as this may cause design to shift. Heavier fabrics may require more time, and lighter fabrics may require less time.
  5. ‚ Allow time to cool, then make sure entire surface area is applied to fabric. If all pieces did not adhere, reapply heat for an additional 20-30 seconds. Allow to cool.
  6. Turn garment inside out and apply iron to back of design area for approximately 30 seconds. Wait 48 hours before washing, and turn garment inside out when doing so.