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Adult Buddy Embroidery Placement Ruler (CNEPR1)

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Creative Notion's Embroidery Placement Ruler
Adult Embroidery Buddy Placement Tool
For Adult Shirts Size Small-4XL
Works Great With Target Stickers!

- Use on all types of garments
- No more guesswork
- Fast & easy positioning
- Saves time
- Pre marked industry standard embroidery placement markings

Here's how it works: 
  1. Fold a shirt in half lengthwise.
  2. Choose the marking along the Embroidery Placement Ruler JR that fits the shirt size (e.g. Youth Small)
  3. Line up the shoulder seam of the shirt against the marking (e.g. Youth Small) on the long side of the Embroiderer's Little Buddy.
  4. Place the fold of the shirt along the same marking (e.g. Youth Small) on the short side of the Embroiderer's Little Buddy.
  5. The indented corner of the L is the center point for your design. Mark this place with an AllStitch Embroidery Placement Dot and center your machine needle to that dot. Remove the dot and embroider, and your design will be positioned correctly every time!