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Clear-Glide Plastic Sided Embroidery Bobbins - 12 Assorted Colors Class L

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Fil-Tec 60475 Clear Glide Plastic Sided Embroidery Bobbins Class L
12 Assorted Color Bobbins
White: 125 Yds/Bobbin  -  Black/Colors: 115 Yds/Bobbin

Clear-Glide is a high-tenacity polyester filament ready-wound bobbin. Clear-Glide is wound on a plastic sided bobbin shell. Designed for today's home sewing machines, and is the "clear-choice" for drop-in bobbin cases. Offers more stitches (or yds/bobbin) than competitive or machine wound bobbins. Works well in conjunction with thread sensors. Is ideal for embroidery, general sewing, and productivity minded quilters.