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3D PuffPro Tool - 3DPP

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The 3D PuffPro is the ultimate tool for cleaning up and finishing 3D Embroidery.

When used along with proper heat application, your 3D puff designs will look clean and professional. The 3D PuffPro features dual tips: run the flat dull blade along the perforated sides of the finished design to release excess foam and use the pointed tip to tuck in any foam remnants left on corners or edges.  Using this handy tool eliminates the need to tear away the excess foam and is the perfect alternative to risking garment damage caused by using scissors or other sharp items to clean up your finished puff embroidery.


  • Grooved handle grips
  • Flat safe trimming blade
  • Blunt Pointed tip
  • Plastic case
  • 5” long
  • Made in the USA

 How to use:

After you have finished stitching a 3D puff embroidery design, run the flat blade along the perforated edges of the design to release any foam that may still be attached. Use the pointed tip to push in any foam remnants left at corner areas or along the edges of satin stitches. The flat blade can also be used to tuck in any larger pieces.  Any stubborn residue can be shrunk by applying heat with a heat gun or hair dryer from a safe distance, which will cause the foam to recede beneath the satin stitches.

Use with: PuffyStitch puff foam 2mm, 3mm or 6mm