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QuickStitch Embroidery Paper For Machine Embroidery

Quick Stitch embroidery paper can be embroidered with any home or commercial embroidery machine. It comes in a wide variety of bright colors and patterns. QuickStitch embroidery paper is both water and tear resistant. QuickStitch Embroidery Papers are amazing sheets of paper that you can embroider on - they do not tear and are water resistant. We recommend quickstitch paper when using our acrylic embroidery blanks.

How To Embroider on QuickStitch Embroidery Paper: Quick Stitch embroidery paper sheets are easy to machine embroider with any home or commercial embroidery machine. Choose a design with standard density, then simply hoop StickyStitch peel & stick tearaway embroidery stabilizer or use 505 temporary adhesive with any tear away machine embroidery stabilizer, adhere QuickStitch embroidery paper to stabilizer and stitch.
 75/11 sharp needle is recommended
Printed Colors May Differ Slightly From What Is Shown Due To The Printing Process