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Stuffed Animals

These customizable stuffed animals make ideal Valentine's Day gifts for your loved ones. A great gift idea for Valentine's Day is to personalize one of these with unique embroidery.

Valentines Day Themed Thread

When it comes to colors, red and pink are the quintessential Valentine's Day hues. These vibrant and passionate colors will help you to create your next design.


These blank patches are your canvas to stitch love messages, names, or bespoke designs, making each piece uniquely yours.

Specialty Thread

Cotona thread's smooth running quality for quilting ensures ease of use and a flawless finish. 

Metallic thread is the ideal choice for adding a luxurious and brilliant touch to Valentine’s Day gifts. 

Learn how to craft and embroider a Valentine's Day keepsake box, perfect for storing cherished mementos or gifting to a loved one.