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Embroidering with 60 Weight Thread

Take the guess work out of embroidering with 60 weight thread.

Instructions for Use:

  • Classic Rayon No. 60 or Polyneon No. 60 threads should be used when a design calls for small lettering or fine detail.

  • Always use a #65 needle and increase density when sewing with 60 weight thread.

  • When having a design digitized, always indicate which areas of the design will be sewn in 60 weight so that the digitizer can try to avoid having to use fill.

  • Using a #65/9 needle, adjust your tension for the thinner thread. Where space and number of machines allow, you may want to prepare one machine head with the correct needle, set up for the thinner thread, so that you will not have to change back and forth.

  • For best results, when embroidering on knitwear such as golf shirts, you will need a tone on tone fill stitch behind the 60 weight stitches.

  • The smallest lettering achieved with 40 weight thread measures six to seven millimeters in height for block letters. The 60 weight thread allows block letters to be done as small as three millimeters in height.

  • The finer thread weight of No. 60 will lend itself well to creating greater definition in lettering and monograms, reducing design size and clarifying small areas

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