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How Much Embroidery Thread Do I Need For My Design?

How to Figure How Many Stitches You Get Out of a Cone & Spool of Embroidery Thread


It is important to identify the type and quantity of thread you need. Pictured above is the difference between Madeira Embroidery Thread CONES and SPOOLS. Simply put, thread cones are the big ones and embroidery spools are the small ones.

There is a different Article No. for each kind and size of thread. The appropriate Article No. can be found on either the price list or product catalog.

Madeira Thread identifies each color by number. The color numbers can be found on the color card for that particular kind of thread. Using the combination of Article No. and Color No. when ordering will help ensure the correct processing of your order.

For example, 911-1000 = spool Classic Rayon #40 black
910-1147 = cone Classic Rayon #40 red

what machine embroidery thread to use

Madeira Embroidery Thread offers a choice of cones or spools because everyone has different needs. You can determine what size and how much you need by keeping a few facts in mind.

  • 1 CONE = 1,000,000 stitches
  • 1 SPOOL = 200,000 stitches
  • 5 SPOOLS = 1 CONE

Most people use the large embroidery cones when ordering basic colors or for large embroidery production runs. The thread spools are an economical way to use a variety of colors at minimum cost.

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