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Magna-Glide Magnetic Core Embroidery Bobbins Set-up Checklist

Magna-Glide is a revolutionary improvement in embroidery bobbin technology designed to improve sewing quality, consistency and productivity. However, because of the unique core and yarn construction, the following are recommended during initial set-up:

Remove anti-backlash spring

Some embroiderers use anti-backlash or check springs inside the bobbin case when using conventional sided bobbins to stop any bobbin over-spin. This is not needed when running Magna-Glide bobbins as the magnetic bobbin core will prevent bobbin over-spin. In fact, antibacklash or check springs placed in the bobbin case may damage the sideless bobbins

Load bobbin so that it turns clockwise

The magnetic tip of the core must sit on the bottom of the bobbin case, as this is what will create the uniform draw-off tension from the beginning to the end of the bobbin.

Set the bobbin tension

Set the bobbin tension at 18-22 grams or do a drop test (bobbin case should drop about one inch when you hold the yarn and gently bounce the bobbin case up and down as if you had a yoyo in your hand).

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