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Magna-Glide P-15 Embroidery Bobbin Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work in my machine?

The Magna-Glide bobbin comes in two sizes, L & M. It will run in all embroidery machines that take either of those sizes and can run a clockwise rotating bobbin. That being said, the bobbin will run best in machines that have metal bobbin cases with metal shafts.

Won't the magnet damage my computerized machine?

The magnet in the core is a very low strength magnet that will have no effect on computerized embroidery machines or magnetic media, such as floppy discs. As a precaution, we do not recommend setting an entire case of the bobbins on a floppy disk or storing them on your machine for an extended period of time.

How do they work?

The core has a magnet embedded in one end, this causes resistance through attraction to the metal bobbin case and it's shaft. The tension created by the magnet, eliminates backlash and over spin allowing the bobbin to run at a uniform tension through out the entire bobbin. As a result of this, you will get more stitches per bobbin out of this bobbin vs. standard bobbins.

How do I install and run the bobbin?

For this information, please view our set up check list.

If I put the bobbin in magnet first, the thread is coming off the wrong way.

To get the most benefit from the bobbin, you need to insert the bobbin in a metal bobbin case with a metal shaft magnet first. If you are unable to do this, you will not get the entire benefit of the bobbin, but you will still have a high yield bobbin with high quality smooth running thread.

The bobbin is not running smoothly, what am I doing wrong.?

Make sure you have removed the anti backlash or check spring inside of the bobbin case. This will interfere with the magna-glide bobbin. For more information on set up, please view our set up check list.

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