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Product Review: DK5 Embroidery Hoop Cleaner

Get back to the Cheaper, Easier Way of Doing things.

DK Glue Remover
Did you give up on spray adhesive? Or perhaps you avoid using it because you don’t want to have to clean up over spray? I understand exactly. I first found DK5 right here at and I’m so glad I did. It’s easy to use on many surfaces and I have even have found an excuse to use it away from my sewing room.

Just a little spritz on a clean cloth and another spray on whatever needs cleaning and then wipe them both together. Rarely will you need to wipe more than once. Long gone are my days of a sticky workspace. Do you sometimes set up the roll of stabilizer as a shield to protect your work area so you don’t have to clean that part too? I know, I’ve done it. My hoops had so much build up they would leave adhesive on my embroidery machine as they would move, but not anymore. DK5 is so quick and effective, I am able to easily remove all of the accumulated gunk off my sewing things with only a couple of wipes. I found myself with nearly full can looking forward to an excuse to use it.

I spray baste all of my quilts on the floor and use newspaper to keep the spray from getting on the hardwood, but sometimes a bit of spray ends off the edge of the newspaper in spite of my best efforts. So I just reach for a clean cloth and my DK5 and it’s clean.

Whenever I see a bit of lint accumulating on my sewing machine needles I remove the needle and give it a spray of DK5. I let it sit on there for about a minute and then I rinse the needle under running water and allow it to dry. I have prolonged the life of many needles by doing this.

I have also been known to spray my templates with a bit of spray adhesive to prevent shifting. I have found this is especially helpful on new templates. When I’ve finished cutting my fabric, the template is covered in fabric lint. DK5 cleans my templates so beautifully that I can put them away mess free.

DK5 is a great product to have around the house, in fact when air conditioner installers came to my house they used spray adhesive during the installation and got it on the paneling as well as my door. I was really concerned at first but then I remembered my DK5. I did a little spot check in a corner and when that was fine I used it on the messy over spray. The entire mess came right off. Perhaps they should be taking DK5 to job sites with them.

If you’re concerned about the smell it is completely negligible as there is a slight fragrance at first but it clears quickly; certainly faster and much less intense than the actual spray adhesive. So why not be done with the mess? Grab your adhesive, tear away stabilizer, and pick up a can of DK5.

Elizabeth Rogers
AllStitch Discount Embroidery Supplies Customer