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3D Puff Embroidery Is Trending, and We Have It. View the PuffyStitch Collection Here.
3D Puff Embroidery Is Trending, and We Have It. View the PuffyStitch Collection Here.

Join The Upcycle Challenge

Embroider Something Eco-Friendly

& Win Free Thread

thread treasure chest

3 Easy Steps To Enter

Pick Your Canvas

Select an item to upcycle, ranging from clothing items like shirts, jeans, or sweatshirts to household goods such as table linens and placemats.

Get Stitching

Use your imagination or get inspired by YouTube videos to embroider a design onto your chosen item. Some examples include turning an old t-shirt into a tote bag or turning dresses into decorative throw pillows.

Share It On The Embroidery Help Group

Take a photo or video of it and post it in the Embroidery Help Group on Facebook. Use the hashtag #upcycleembroiderychallenge

You Could Win Prizes

We will choose a winner at the end of April. The winner will have their choice of a case of thread from this collection

If you win, you can choose any thread you like from the Incredible Threadable collection, including Rayon, Cotona, Metallic, or the eco-friendly Sensa Green. The choice is completely yours.

Protection and Preservation

Embroidery threads can be delicate and susceptible to dust, dirt, and fading over time. The incredible threadable collection safeguards your threads from external elements, maintaining their vibrancy and quality for longer periods.

Get Creative While Upcycling

When you choose to upcycle with embroidery, you breathe new life into items that might otherwise be overlooked or discarded. This practice not only unleashes your creativity but also contributes significantly to environmental conservation

Win Something From This Collection

We have your thread for sewing, quilting, and embroidery

Get Inspired! Here Is What Others Are Doing.

Official Rules, Terms, and Conditions for Upcycle Embroidery Challenge

Eligibility: This Challenge is open to all US and Canadian residents who wish to participate in creating unique embroidery pieces by upcycling materials. All participants must agree to these Terms and Conditions to be eligible for the contest.

Submissions: Participants must submit their photos or videos of their embroidered artwork either through the "Embroidery Help Group" on Facebook or directly on our Facebook page. Submissions through any other channels will not be considered.

Use of Submissions: By entering the Challenge, participants agree that any photos, videos, or any other materials submitted can be used by AllStitch for marketing purposes. This includes but is not limited to social media posts, promotional materials, and other media forms.

Selection of Winner: The winner of the Challenge will be selected by AllStitch at the end of April. The selection criteria will be based on creativity, technique, and overall aesthetics of the work.

Prize: The winner will receive one item from our incredible Threadable Collection. This prize will be shipped to the address provided by the winner. Please note that this competition is for residents of the US and Canada only.