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3D Puff Embroidery Is Trending, and We Have It. View the PuffyStitch Collection Here.
3D Puff Embroidery Is Trending, and We Have It. View the PuffyStitch Collection Here.

Groz Beckert GB-DBXK5RG | Round Shank | Large Eye | Sharp Point | Commercial Embroidery Needle | Chrome | 100/bx

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Size: 70/10

These Groz-Beckert DBxK5 needles have a large eye with a universal point (AKA: Sharp). They are great for high speed machine embroidery. RG, universal point needles are great for knitted and tightly woven fabric, micro-fiber, upper and outer wear, jeans, etc. These needles can also be used for chain stitch embroidery.

DBXK5 style needles are specifically designed for use in high performance commercial embroidery machines. Its main benefit is to reduce skipped stitches and thread breakage and to maximize protection of thread and fabric, as well as loop pick up.

  • Groz-Beckert DBxK5RG - Commercial Embroidery Needle
  • Chrome Needle
  • Commercial Round Shank
  • DB X K5 - Large Eye
  • RG - Universal Point (AKA: Sharp)
  • 100 Needles Per Box

At Groz-Beckert, quality begins long before the production process. It plays a major role in the selection of materials. For this reason only carefully selected, internally defined special steel qualities find their way into the production process. Needles from Groz-Beckert deliver immaculate results even at very high embroidery speed and when using different materials and yarns. German engineering for your embroidery machine.

Round Shank Commercial Needles -100 Needles/Box
DBXK5 RG Regular Point

In various application tests the RG-point proved to be the most suitable point across a variety of materials. Therefore the RG-point is the standard point style for Groz-Beckert embroidery needles.

DBxK5 ChromeThe needle system DB x K5 has been specially designed for use in embroidery machines. Its use reduces skipped stitches and thread breakage, helps protect thread and material and ensures secure loop pick-up.‚ Thanks to its special geometry, needle system DB x K5 displays higher resistance to deflection than other needle systems used in embroidery and stands up better to the high demands made by embroidery machines. The larger eye of the DB x K5 delivers further benefits by protecting thread and material, thus leading to less thread breakage and secure loop pick-up.

Sharp Point: Sharp point embroidery needles, also referred to as “regular" needles‚ have sharp pointed tips to‚ help the needle penetrate tightly woven embroidery fabrics, as well as felt. They are also sometimes referred to as crewel needles as they are used for crewel embroidery. Sharp needles‚ shouldn't be used on knits as they‚ can cut the yarn that creates the interlocking structure of the knit‚ causing it‚ to gradually unravel during laundering.