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3 Drawer Madeira 180 Spool/MSC Wooden Storage Chest (Empty)

SKU 24

Product Specifications:

• White
• 3 - 2" Tall Drawers
• 21" Deep x 17" Wide x 6.75" Tall
• Holds up to 180 - 1,100 yard Spools, Mini Snap Cones or Barrel Spools

Three of these are needed to hold the complete Rayon or Polyester Embroidery thread collection. This chest comes empty, thread is not included.

An indispensable embroidery thread organizer, this beautiful white wooden spool thread cabinet holds 180 spools of thread in 3 drawers with pre-formed dividers. Maximize your storage space and protect your thread investment. Organize by color and have the selection you need at your fingertips.