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View The July Thread Assortment Sale

Organ ORG-MTX-AST | Flat-Sided Shank | Large Eye | Home Embroidery & Sewing Needle | Microtex | 5/pk

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ORGAN brand HAX130spi needles are used to sew microfibers, such as microtex material, polyester, silk, lace, and more. These needles have a very slim, acute, and sharp point designed to prevent puckering or runs when working with very fine, tightly woven fabrics.

  • Organ ORG-MTX-AST - Home Sewing  Needle
  • SPI - Microtex Thin
  • Flat-Sided Shank
  • Large Eye
  • Slim Acute Sharp Point
  • 5 Needles Per Pack

5 Needle Blister Pack Microtex Needle - 3-60/8 & 2-70/10
Microtex Embroidery Needles have a very slim, acute, sharp point and are intended for embroidering or sewing micro fibers, tightly woven thin polyester, silk, foils, etc. Microtex embroidery needles prevent puckering and runs in very tightly woven materials. Intended for sewing and embroidering on micro fibers, tightly woven thin polyester, silk, foils, etc. The 130/705H needle system is compatible with most home sewing machines. Please consult your sewing machine's instruction manual for compatible needles.
Same as Schmetz Microtex 130/705 H-M